DevelopmentCorporate offers a number of corporate development and product management oriented consulting services.  Most engagements are fixed price and can be completed in a very accelerated manner.  To learn more, please drop me an email or give me a ring at +1.404.840.6685.

Corporate Development Services

Market Studies

If you are interested in exploring new or complementary markets, DevelopmentCorporate offers comprehensive, custom market studies.  We build what is called a marketecture.  We describe the structure, size, and trends of markets.  We list the major market players and the key events driving their business. We also summarize current industry analyst opinions.  Many organizations use these studies as a foundation for sourcing potential partner or acquisition candidates.

Acquisition Candidate Profiles

DevelopmentCorporate can prepare profiles of specific acquisition candidates, suitable for presentation to senior management, boards of directors, and investment advisors.  We can leverage various open source intelligence and other publicly available information.  A typical profile includes:

Target Markets Financials
o   Market Size & Trends o   Historical P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash
o   Market Share Analysis o   Key metrics comparison
o   Competitive Landscape & Positioning o   Key investors / shareholders summary
o   Analyst Opinions Acquisition Operational Concept
Product/Service Overview o   Strategic Alignment
o   Portfolio Summary o   Integration Concept
o   Individual Product/Service Overviews o   Pro Forma NewCo P&L
o   Corporate Strategy ·         Valuation
o   Go To Market Strategy / Tactics o   Valuation Model
o   Strategic Alliances o   Returns Model
o   Customer Base Analysis / Profile Risks & Mitigation
Organization Overview Open Issues / Topics
o   Org Chart
o   Headcount Analysis
o   Key Players

Operational and Technical Due Diligence Support

DevelopmentCorporate can provide support for operational and technical due diligence projects.  We have participated in or led over 50 due diligence projects.  Since we have both functional and executive experience in marketing, product management, product development, domestic/international sales, customer service, and business development we can bring a pragmatic viewpoint to the table.  We can provide support for the development of information requests, management of data rooms, execution of diligence meetings, preparation of diligence reports, and delivery of diligence reports to management teams, board of directors, and investors.  We have experience in both traditional licensed software as well as SaaS businesses.

Acquisition Integration Planning & Rollout

We can support for the design and execution of acquisition integration planning efforts.  We can also assist in the planning and execution of acquisition rollout efforts including press and analyst briefings.  We have led 4 major acquisition integration and planning projects.

Restructuring Projects

Sometimes companies find it necessary to restructure their operations to support the implementation of a new strategic direction.  We have led over 20 major restructuring projects.


DevelopmentCorporate can provide support for the divestiture of non-strategic assets.  This includes the development of prospectuses, identification and marketing to potential buyers, due diligence support, and the development and execution of purchase/sale agreements.  We have led over 8 divestiture projects that generated over $24 million  in consideration.

Product Management Services

Product Management Financial Literacy

We offer a two day seminar in basic financial literacy for product managers.  we teach the fundamentals of interpreting Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements.  We review how to interpret 10-K Annual Reports, 10Q Quarterly Statements, and 14A Proxy Statements.  We teach how this information can assist product managers in competitive analysis as well as customer contract negotiations.

Managing Mature Product Lines

For product/service lines that have reached the Late Majority / Laggard phases of the technology adoption life cycle we offer a two day seminar to help product managers maximize revenue and profitability.  We cover topics such as the Moneywheel, Customer Tiering, Saas Revenue Flux, Release Planning based on Maintenance Calendarization / Saas Renewal, Competitive Steal-Away programs and other topics.