Product Management eBooks

These eBooks bring together a number of posts into a set of comprehensive themes.

M&A Basics for Product Managers
A detailed discussion of the three types of M&A (Acceleration, Diversification, & Consolidation), the major roles & responsibilities in a M&A project, and the eleven major steps in a typical M&A deal. The focus of the eBook is how product managers can practically participate in the various parts of the M&A process.

Why Product Managers Need to be Able to Read and Interpret 10-K Statements
One of the key themes I have reinforced over my 15 year career in product management is basic financial literacy.  Product managers need to be able to locate, read, and interpret basic financial filings like Annual Reports (10-Ks), quarterly filings (10-Qs) and Proxy Statements (Def 14As).  There is a ton of information that customers and competitors who are public companies must disclose.  This information can make or break a sales deal or competitive steal away campaign. This eBook discusses how product managers can read and interpret 10-K reports, financial statements, and management commentary to better understand competitors and customers.