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Consulting Services

DevelopmentCorporate offers a number of professional services.  Generally these services are delivered on an accelerated basis at a fixed price.  Each engagement can be customized to meet the needs of your orgaization.

Moneywheel Analysis

Moneywheel Analysis is a technique for understanding the different types of repeatable sales transactions that occur for a particular product or service line.  It documents the triggers in the marketplace that start customers on their journey to purchase a solution.  This enables a firm to determine what demand generation requirements are required to hit specific revenue targets.  Based on these requirements a team can develop the specific lead generation programs required to drive performance.

A typical Moneywheel Analysis project can be completed in less than two weeks.  The project typically involves a core team of product managers, product marketers, and sales professionals.  DevelopmentCorporate typically coaches the team through the process of developing, reviewing, and approving the Moneywheel, lead generation programs, and the marketing budget required to implement the program.

Moneywheel Basics

The original blog post that explains the Moneywheel concept

Moneywheel Project Overview

A description of the phases, tasks, timing, roles, and responsibilities for a Moneywheel Analysis project

Example Moneywheel

An example Moneywheel

Open Source Competitive Intelligence for Product Managers

Original Post

Original Post

The original post on sources of free open source competitive intelligence for product managers

Seminar Overview

Public/Private Company Review

In this two day each seminar participants will develop a profile for a specific competitor. Students will use a variety of free open source intelligence platforms to gather basic information, perform analyses, and develop recommendations on how to effectively compete with a particular competitor. It is assumed that the companies covered in the seminar are mostly private companies. Public companies can be investigated as well. At the end of the seminar the results of the various profiles will be consolidated into an overall competitive landscape.


Gathering basic background information about software products and services comes at a cost — your privacy. We offer simple fixed price services to gather information about software products and services. We capture information like product features, pricing, user reviews, competitor comparisons, white papers, vendor finances, and investors. You choose when to engage with a vendor.

We serve as your bumper against aggressive sales teams until you decide to engage directly with a vendor.

We contact vendors on your behalf, gather the information you require, and summarize it into an actionable document. Your privacy is preserved until you decide to contact the vendor directly

Quality research takes time. We put in the leg work to gather and summarize the information you are interested in. You leverage the final work product to quickly begin your own assessments.

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Quick Summary

A 15 to 25 page comprehensive report that covers the background and history of a company, financial and headcount info, product/service descriptions, technology stack, competitive differentiators, pricing, industry analyst reports, thought leadership content, user reviews, competitive landscape, competitor comparisons, and more. Usually Available in 24 hours. $75 Click here to see a sample report.

Detailed Company Overview

Sample Report

Covers both private as well as public companies in more depth. Click here to see a sample report.

Product Management Financial Literacy

Product Management Financial Literacy

Original Post

The original post on why Product managers need to be able to locate, read, and interpret basic financial filings like Annual Reports (10-Ks), quarterly filings (10-Qs) and Proxy Statements (Def 14As).

Seminar Overview


A two day seminar where basic quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques product managers can use to improve their work. The seminar is deals with seven topics. For each topic a brief orientation to the analysis technique is covered. The seminar participants then work collaboratively on a set of hands on exercises where they can put the analytical techniques to use. Sample data is provided for all exercises. If the participants desire, we can substitute raw data from their company for the sample data to make the exercises more practical.

Due Diligence Support

Due Diligence Support

DevelopmentCorporate has led over 50 operational and technical due diligence projects for various board of directors and private equity firms.  We have worked on both traditional licensed software firms as well as SaaS firms.  We hve worked both domestically in the United States and in Europe and Asia as well.

We develop formal information requests, analyze diligence materials, conduct onsite diligence meetings with the management of target companies, prepare and deliver formal diligence reports.  We understand the impact diligence activities can have on target companies and strive to be highly efficient and effective.

Sample Diligence Report Table of Contents

The original post on why Product managers need to be able to locate, read, and interpret basic financial filings like Annual Reports (10-Ks), quarterly filings (10-Qs) and Proxy Statements (Def 14As).