Excellent preso by Bessemer inclung a discussion about their AARG metric. The metric discounts a company’s ARR multiple using its growth rate as a weight to help bring buoyant multiples back down to Earth.  In the current boom times, venture capitalists are paying lots for growth, which means that they are shelling out more money for present-day ARR than they might have in the past. But ARRG can take some of the bite out of the historical comparison.

By John Mecke

John is a 25 year veteran of the enterprise technology market. He has led six global product management organizations for three public companies and three private equity-backed firms. He played a key role in delivering a $115 million dividend for his private equity backers – a 2.8x return in less than three years. He has led five acquisitions for a total consideration of over $175 million. He has led eight divestitures for a total consideration of $24.5 million in cash. John regularly blogs about product management and mergers/acquisitions.