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John C. Mecke

I am a 30 year veteran of the enterprise software market.  I have worked in almost every part of an enterprise software firm – Marketing, Product Management, Development, Sales, Customer Service, Professional Services, Business Development, & General Management.  I have led teams as large as 135 people spanning 5 locations.  I have led five major acquisitions and eleven divestitures. I have lived and worked in many places – Detroit, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Costa Rica.  This background gives me a foundation to help organizations conquer any challenges or opportunities they may face.

I do project-oriented for a number of firms and publish a very successful blog on product management and corporate development.  I travel to the United States and Europe frequently to support client engagements.

I primarily work on short-term, fixed-price projects.  Some of the work I do includes:

  • Market Analysis, especially for pre-seed and seed stage SaaS startups
  • Competitive Analysis especially for pre-seed, seed stage, and enterprise software SaaS firms
  • Support for the development and execution of Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Win-Loss Analysis for enterprise software companies
  • Content development for blogs and podcasts
  • Business Process Improvement for various parts of a global software company
  • Training of product management teams in financial literacy, market analysis, competitor analysis and many other topics
  • Acquisition Candidate Analysis
  • Advice on the operational aspects of mergers, acquisitions & divestitures
  • Advise and support complex corporate restructuring projects

I have a strong history of helping companies fundamentally grow their enterprise value.  I am like a tool on a tool belt.  I can be used to help conquer any challenge or opportunity that a global software could face.  When finished, you can just put me back on the shelf until you need me again.

Contact Me

If you have a need for some help you can contact me at:


+‪506 6133 8358


Twitter: @devcorporate