• Ranking 13th on Google Doesn’t Suck

    Getting ranked on the first page of Google is a dream for most writers. The reality is that it is virtually impossible for a new piece of content to rank in the top three Google results. Ranking 13th or the third item on the second page doesn’t suck. And it is a lot more attainable than a page one ranking.

  • Product Manager Money Wheel Analysis

    The Money Wheel is a sales deal analysis tool for product managers. It is basically a combination of root cause analysis and cohort analysis and for sales deals. It helps product managers understand what type of traction their offerings are achieving in the marketplace as well as data to support prioritization decisions

  • Software Equity Group Q2 2019 SaaS M&A Update

    The Software Equity Group has published their second quarter 2019 SaaS M&A update. It includes information about transaction volume, valuation multiples, and a host of other topics

  • SEO David vs Goliath. Guess What? Goliath Wins

    An experiment to see if a post can rank in the top 20 Google search results using various SEO tactics

  • Product Manager Metrics: Process is as Important as Formulas

    Metrics are critical for Product Managers. There is a ton of information on the web about metrics for product managers. Critical Methods every Product Manager Should Track from Product Coalition is a good example. Designing and implementing a Product Management metrics program is a lot harder. We’ll explore the process for developing and implementing a […]

  • Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2019 vs 2002

    Mary Meeker from Bond Capital is the undisputed leader in using big data to describe and analyze the major trends in the tech industry. She has published a renowned annual research report since 2001. Take a look at her analysis from 2019 and her 2002 report. The differences and trends are fascinating.

  • M&A Integration War Story

    An insider’s view of the merger integration story of when a $40 million company bought a $165 million software company.