• Software Equity Group Q3 2019 SaaS M&A Update

    The Software Equity Group has published their third quarter 2019 SaaS M&A update. It includes information about transaction volume, valuation multiples, and a host of other topics

  • Will 2020 Be Sequoia’s RIP Good Times Redux?

    Will the impending recession in 2020 prompt another version of the infamous Sequoia 2008 RIP Good Times presentation?

  • Why Product Managers Should Do Customer Interviews at User Conferences

    It seems like an obvious thing — why wouldn’t product managers want to do customer interviews at user conferences? The simple answer is that most teams do not take the time and effort to plan an effective customer interview program at their user conferences. Product managers receive a lot of feedback during user conferences. Unfortunately the feedback is scattered, not well structured, or consistently documented. The usual result is a set of anecdotes collected from a small subset of customers. It is hard to turn feedback can into actionable intelligence. Product managers should do customer interviews in a structured process at user conferences.

  • Private Equity Dividend Recaps are Rising Again

    Private Equity Dividend Recaps are Rising Again. What product managers should know

  • What Can Product Managers Learn from Startup Pitch Decks?

    Product Managers can learn a lot from startup pitch decks. A pitch deck essentially tells a story of why a company should be funded. Product managers face similar challenges every day. We’ll explore the anatomy of a pitch of a pitch deck and review a few legendary pitch decks.

  • Product Managers Should Spend One Day a Month with Their SDR Team

    Sales Development Reps (SDRs) are the assembly line workers of the enterprise software market in 2019. While product managers are not responsible for sales, they should understand the dynamics of this critical aspect of their product’s sales machine

  • Product Managers: Q3 is Ending and You’re Going to Miss Your Bonus Again

    Product Managers often miss their bonus because revenues fall short. There are three strategies product managers can use so they don’t miss their bonus again