• Private Equity Dividend Recaps are Rising Again

    Private Equity Dividend Recaps are Rising Again. What product managers should know

  • What Can Product Managers Learn from Startup Pitch Decks?

    Product Managers can learn a lot from startup pitch decks. A pitch deck essentially tells a story of why a company should be funded. Product managers face similar challenges every day. We’ll explore the anatomy of a pitch of a pitch deck and review a few legendary pitch decks.

  • Product Managers Should Spend One Day a Month with Their SDR Team

    Sales Development Reps (SDRs) are the assembly line workers of the enterprise software market in 2019. While product managers are not responsible for sales, they should understand the dynamics of this critical aspect of their product’s sales machine

  • Product Managers: Q3 is Ending and You’re Going to Miss Your Bonus Again

    Product Managers often miss their bonus because revenues fall short. There are three strategies product managers can use so they don’t miss their bonus again

  • The Disconnect Between CFOs and Their Private Equity Sponsors

    A recent report by Alix Partners highlighted a surprising number of disconnects between CFOs and their private equity sponsors. The results are interesting, but not too surprising.

  • American Product Managers Should Live Overseas for a While

    Once your company reaches $50 million in revenue it probably has some international customers. As a company grows the relative share of international revenue rises. Product Management for a global product is more complex than one that just serves the United States. To be effective, American product managers should live overseas for a while to develop the necessary perspective, skills, and experience.

  • Are Product Management Industry Surveys Biased?

    Annual product management industry surveys are always fascinating. It is important, however, to put these studies in the context. While they provide many interesting factoids there are often biases that are reported in these surveys It is important to put these biases into perspective. We’ll explore seven popular product management industry surveys from 2018 and 2019 for statistical significance and potential bias.