Product Management Financial Literacy Workshop

Product Management Financial Literacy Workshop

The Product Management Financial Literacy seminar is a three-day, 12 hour, virtual workshop for product teams. The goals of the workshop include:

  • Teach Product Managers How To Read And Analyze Income Statements, Balance Sheets, And Cash Flow Statements
  • Explaining Enterprise Value And Its Relevance For Product Managers
  • How To Locate Financial Information For Both Public And Privately Held Software Companies
  • How To Estimate Competitor Revenues And Apply Publicly Available Industry Benchmarks
  • How To Build A Market Map Based On Competitor Revenues And Enterprise Value


Day 1

  • Income Statements
  • Balance Sheets
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Enterprise Value

Day 2

  • How To Locate And Analyze Public Filings (10-Ks, 10-Qs, Annual Reports, Proxy Statements)
  • How to Estimate Revenues of Privately-Held Software Companies
  • How To Locate And Apply Industry Benchmarks To Model Competitors

Day 3 Workshop

  • Build a Financial Profile of Specific Competitor
  • Build Product-Specific Market Map Based on Revenues & Enterprise Value


  • Workshop planning meeting held one week in advance to discuss specific requirements and list of targeted competitors
  • Three four-hour sessions on consecutive days. Can be adjusted to meet customer needs
  • Sessions conducted virtually using Zoom. Recording is permitted


  • $75/student. 2 student minimum. 12 students max
  • $500 for 8 students or more

Next Steps

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