According to the Q1 2024 US VC Valuations Report by PitchBook, pre-seed and seed-stage deals continue to show heightened valuations, despite the broader market uncertainties. The median pre-seed deal value reached nearly $1 million, while the median seed deal value hit its highest level to date, reflecting a strong investor interest in early-stage startups​​.

High Valuations

Pre-seed and seed valuations have seen a significant uptick, driven by investor confidence and the high quality of startups entering the market. This trend underscores the importance of having a strong business plan and demonstrating market potential early on.

Investors Taking a Larger Share

the share acquired by investors in seed rounds has shown a notable upward trend. This shift can be attributed to several factors, including the heightened selectivity of investors who seek to mitigate risks by securing more substantial equity positions. By taking larger stakes, investors not only increase their influence over the company’s strategic direction but also position themselves to reap more significant returns if the startup succeeds. This trend underscores the growing importance of demonstrating robust business fundamentals and growth potential to attract and justify these larger investments.

Additionally, the competitive nature of securing high-quality deals has driven investors to take more substantial equity stakes early on. With the pre-seed and seed stages becoming increasingly crowded, investors are eager to lock in promising opportunities before they reach later funding rounds where valuations typically soar. This early commitment often comes with a more hands-on approach, where investors actively contribute to the startup’s development through mentorship, strategic guidance, and leveraging their networks. Consequently, startups must be prepared to offer more equity to attract these value-adding investors, balancing the dilution against the significant benefits of securing experienced backers who can propel their growth trajectory.

Seed Stage Companies Are Getting Older

The time between funding rounds has increased, with pre-seed and seed-stage companies taking longer to raise subsequent rounds. This trend highlights the need for startups to plan their funding strategies carefully and ensure they have sufficient runway.


Securing pre-seed and seed funding is a critical step for startups aiming to turn their ideas into successful businesses. By understanding the current funding landscape, building strong foundations, and strategically navigating the challenges, startups can increase their chances of attracting investment and achieving long-term success.

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By John Mecke

John is a 25 year veteran of the enterprise technology market. He has led six global product management organizations for three public companies and three private equity-backed firms. He played a key role in delivering a $115 million dividend for his private equity backers – a 2.8x return in less than three years. He has led five acquisitions for a total consideration of over $175 million. He has led eight divestitures for a total consideration of $24.5 million in cash. John regularly blogs about product management and mergers/acquisitions.